School Camps

School Camps and Excursions (Primary/Infant School Only)

Are you looking for something a little different to the same “run of the mill” excursion destinations that have become too comfortable with their routine?
Look no further! At “Hanericka Guest House”, operating now for 30 years, we can offer a personal, fun and educational experience that will stay with children for the rest of their lives!
At “Hanericka Guest House ” we offer a fresh and creative approach to learning outside the traditional classroom walls. We encourage children of different ages and abilities to reach their full potential and gain self confidence by fully participating in the programs that we design. We have developed our own one, two and three day programs that have proved to be overwhelmingly popular, otherwise we can “tailor-make” a program to “fit –in” with the syllabus and suit the particular class that you are considering to bring to the farm.

At “Hanericka” we provide wholesome and hearty meals in a lovely country setting. Unlike other school excursion destinations we set the tables with a tablecloth and flowers, if children are still hungry they can come back for seconds, we cater for children with special dietry needs, we present the meals tastefully (not as though mass-produced), we serve morning and afternoon teas with an assortment of home-baking to snacks and lots of fresh fruit. After evening activities we serve supper … a warm milk drink with cinnamon or raison toast, crumptets, pancaked or damper. The main difference is that all meals are lovingly prepared as though it were for children of our own.

Children have the opportunity to hand-feed chickens, ducks, turkeys, poddy lambs, horses, alpacas and even camels. We also take children and accompanying teachers on wagon rides around the property. From seeing wheat seed planted in the field, to the ripe grain, to grinding the wheat and making flour enables children to see the process of how their food comes to the supermarket and then to own table. The same with milk from the goats and cow and eggs gathered from the chilckens. Children can grind and make their own bread from wheat grown on the farm!

At “Hanericka Guest House ” we also have excellent recreational facilities including table-tennis, 2 tennis courts, soccer field, bushwalking tracks, boomerang throwing, (gumboot throwing!), great cycling routes and an inground swimming pool.
We also arrange evening activities including night walks, movie nights, bushdances and discos, Variety concerts, indoor games and trivia nights
The accommodation is bunk-bed style in comfortable rooms with a bathroom shared between 4 children. There is also homestead accommodation with a two shared bathrooms. Sheets and towels are provided. Teachers and accompanying adults will have comfortable, private accommodation within close proximity to the students.
At “Hanericka Guest House ” we guarantee that children will remember it not as an excursion but as an adventure of a lifetime…. an adventure that they will want to repeat again and again! We also offer:

One day excursions

1 or 2 night excursions

We have our own exciting program or you can arrange your own … or make further suggestions

Shared accommodation in comfortable rooms with ensuites

All meals are well catered for including morning and afternoon teas and evening suppers

Evening entertainment

Small school, class sizes catered for

Programs that work within the school syllabus

Professional staff with a teaching degree as host

Mr. Ben Holmes, the director of one of the may emerging farm schools gaining immense popularity in America has said, “Schools tend to be homogenous places where kids sit in confinement with a bunch of other kids and do what they’re told. Farms are something else. They have always enabled children to learn while working with other people – farmers, forester, builders, neighbours, retirees – whose ages, ideas and backgrounds are different from theirs … It’s a crucial part of our cultural history, this work with our hands and our minds. It’s a part of our humanness. There is poetry in the feel of soil, or even the smell of a cow’s breath, that cannot be duplicated on a computer screen. These are the things that children need to feel to assume responsibility for the resources that will feed them. In the end, if we are to flourish, our children need to come to love a farm”. At Hanericka Farm School children will come to love farm life. At the end of the day each child will feel a great sense of satisfaction in having done a practical day’s work with visible and tangible rewards.
For more detailed information regarding school excursions, please contact Amanda Aygun at “Hanericka Farmstay” for a quote, available dates and further information.
What adventure are you pursuing? Allow us at Hanericka Farmstay to be your host and stand back … ready to step into farm life.

  • All prices includes Bed, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner