Hanericka Guest House History

“Hanericka Guest House ” is on the property of “Fairfield” … a historic, mixed farm between the rural cities of Wagga Wagga and Albury and just a short drive from the township of Yerong Creek.
Yerong Creek was originally named Yerong. The village began in the late 1870’s when settlers arrived to assist in the construction of the railway line. Yerong Creek is Lockhart Shire’s oldest village. In 1881 the Railway Department erected a sign on the platform naming the station “Yerong Creek”. Dame Mary Gilmour began her teaching career at the Yerong Creek public School.
In a recently published novel titled, “The Country Wife” the memoirs of Ann Gorman (page 115), Ann writes, “ Frankie had married Thomas Edward (‘Ted’) Gorman in 1918 and had come to live in the weatherboard homestead … A ten-foot hallway ran down the middle with bedrooms on each side. The two bedrooms on the western side gave access to a wide verandah, on which the hazardous cracked wooden boards cried out for repair. Sometime in the past, the verandah had been enclosed on the eastern side to form a sleep-out. Three of the bedrooms sported fireplaces, relics from the past, their tall chimneys on the roof giving the house an illusion of grandeur.”
Ted and Frankie Gorman had eight children, followed by the next generation, Bruce and Ann Gorman who had five children (Alexandra, Austin, Vanessa, Henry and Rebecca).
In 1983, “Fairfield” was sold to Mr. Neville Male and his wife, Helen. They already had purchased “Glendoon”, “Marabou”, “Yuendoo” and were in search of more farm land to help set up their four sons (Greg, Cameron, Simon and James) and only daughter, Amanda (still living on “Fairfield”). Neville (now 81 years of age) was the fourth generation farming in Australia.
For about six years the homestead was rented to various tenants who had employment off the farm. In 1989, Amanda moved into the “Fairfield” homestead with two brothers. They started renovations on the homestead and, with the generosity of her parents; the guesthouse and cottage were built.
With the original farm name remaining as “Fairfield”, we named the guesthouse and new farm enterprise “Hanericka Farmstay”. “Hanericka” we thought was the name of Neville Male’s great, great grandmother of German descent. After ten years of operating the farmstay, we discovered from hand-written German scrolls in the South Australia, that the woman “Hanericka” never existed! Her real name was Fredericka! Not wanting to have a farmstay called “Fredericka Farmstay” we decided to just
leave the name as it was! Amanda’s mother, coined the name, “Hanericka” as meaning “Helen and Neville ever rejoicing in Christ’s Kingdom. Amen”.
On May, 27th, 2000 Amanda married Deniz AYGÜN and they now live happily with their own five children (Mustafa, Isaac, Elizabeth, Rachael and Verity) in the homestead … more accurately described as a sprawling, old farmhouse. It is overflowing with memories and tangible memorabilia of 130 years of history and the sound of little feet of about 25 children born and raised in the same home.
For 30 years now, Hanericka Farmstay has been receiving guests from nearly every country of the world who have come to experience everyday life on an Australian farm. Many of the guests are also Australian, especially from Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra who want to escape from the hectic madness of the city to find freedom on the farm – a sprawling playground for children and a place of peace and rest for adults.
The farm has always produced wool, fat lamb, beef and large-scale cropping of wheat, lupins, canola, triticali and oats. It continues to be a most productive property. It is the wonderful memories, friendships made, life being lived to the fullest now with God’s abundant blessings that provides us with the greatest harvest of all!